Forest Stewardship Council: Getting your Forestland Certified

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is interested in your timberland for a number of reasons, and rightfully so. FSC is a international non-profit organization that strives to collectively manage all forestland in their program in order to preserve land for the future and dismiss deforestation.

In mid-2011 FSC totaled 354,100,000 acres worldwide, with the United States having 33,811,000 acres of FSC forestland. FSC is slowly growing in hopes of having a large, positive impact on the procedure in which forestland is managed throughout the world. The FSC accredits organizations involved in timber processing, buying, and selling guaranteeing what they claim to be factual. With the management of everyone involved, you can ensure that the timber is being bought and sold on fair prices. As a landowner, it is important to notice the high competitive market for timber, FSC can aid you in finding the best buyer, ensuring real and positive results from your forestland timber sales.

Along with the clarity of timber prices, the whole process of the timber sale is overall better. Beginning at an increase in clear communication between workers, management and the landowner, there will be fewer safety- related losses, better records of your tax savings, and routine follow ups of your forestland that can ensure the process runs smoothly as possible. Talk with your forestry consultant to get involved in the Forest Stewardship Council, immediately reaping the benefits of being involved in a global movement to preserve and protect our forests for the future all while conducting a smooth, worry-free forest management action plan for your forestland.

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