NC Timber Economy

The timber economy in North Carolina provides many opportunities for people and businesses to succeed as well as boost our economy! The wood products industry in North Carolina is thriving, at $19 million- it is one of the top manufacturing industries in North Carolina! With over 60% of NC’s land classified as timberland, forest companies own or lease 13%, federal, state, and local governments own 11%, and other smaller corporations or landowners own 9%. Most all of these lands are considered for timber processes, whether it be for the processes of regeneration, forest management, producing jobs, or making timber sales, the benefits exceed every expectation. Western North Carolina is rich in commercial tree species that are great for timber sales and timber products, these species include yellow and white pine, red and white oak, soft maple, sweetgum, ash, and yellow poplar, just to name a few. Along with economic benefits through timber sales, the employment opportunities are astounding.

The annual payroll for the  timber industry is second in the state, behind textile mill products and apparel, at $3.8 billion. It is important for the North Carolina community to see the benefits from the timber industry. This industry supports more life forms than just one. Our timberland environment is protected and monitored through timber processes to ensure a healthy forest to come! Without the timber industry our forests would lack sustainability, healthy, clean waters, and progressive wildlife habitats. It is a blessing to be living in a community that has timber opportunities as we do here in North Carolina, let us not put it to waste but ensure that these lands and this industry will thrive for many generations to come. Get involved in progressing this industry by joining volunteer associations and clubs such as the Hemlock Restoration Initiative, or take action with a plan for your forest land by contacting Blue Ridge Forestry; we will help you get started today!

*Statistical information provided by North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service and NC State.

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