Black Bear Presence in North Carolina

The population of Black Bears is at its peak today more than it has ever been. After reaching one of the lowest population levels in the mid to late 1990s, wildlife areas that were previously restricted were opened back up allowing black bears to roam freely. This population comeback now inhabits more than 60% of the land cover in North Carolina!

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Benefits of a Consulting Forester

The services that a consulting forester provide may be a little confusing to most. With so much to consider when deciding what to do with your forestland, things may get a little hazy. Consulting foresters are here to help you with a variety of services to better your understanding of your timberland and the next step to take for progress.

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PDFMaps: Mobile GIS

Many professionals use GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to convey to a landowner specific details about thier propety such as location, special sites, forest and home areas, near by creeks and rivers, adjoining properties, as well as illustrate the layout of the property from an aerial view.  There is now an app that is basically mobile GIS and is accessible for anyone to use!

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NC Timber Economy

The timber economy in North Carolina provides many opportunities for people and businesses to succeed as well as boost our economy! The wood products industry in North Carolina is thriving, at $19 million- it is one of the top manufacturing industries in North Carolina! With over 60% of NC’s land classified as timberland, forest companies own or lease 13%, federal, state, and local governments own 11%, and other smaller corporations or landowners own 9%.

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Snags: A Wildlife Habitat for Many

Dead trees provide a unique and significant wildlife habitat for many animals. These standing dead or almost dead trees, called snags, are an important part of a healthy forested ecosystem. Snags can be a result from many environmental factors such as lightening, fire, disease, animal damage, drought, root competition, old age, and an excessive amount of shade.

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Pilgrimage Persimmons

I see millions of trees monthly, but every now and then one stands out to me. A couple weeks ago, while working in the Duncan’s Creek Community of Rutherford County my client pointed out a memorable Persimmon that was loaded with fruit!

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