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Tract ReconnaissanceMilitary recon is done for a good reason - to quickly assess the conditions that managers are dealing with. We employ many of the same techniques for forest recon. We have a vast set of tools - including the latest unmanned aerial system and GIS mapping technology - to help you quickly assess a tract’s potential. Clients are amazed at the speed with which we assemble maps, get real-time aerial photos and video, download data to handheld computers, and put boots on the ground to verify the remotely-sensed data. You will have the information you need, fast and inexpensive, to decide if a more detailed analysis is warranted. Good recon data can help to optimize forest inventory design and greatly reduce costs for future data collection and management decision-making.





If Yogi Berra knew about cruising, he would tell you it’s 90% technique and the other half mental. It takes years to develop the technical skills and intuition to efficiently get meaningful forest product volumes. Our specialty is quality Appalachian timber, which is arguably the most challenging. We also cruise white and southern yellow pine. We customize each cruise by careful considering tract characteristics, market area, and customer requirements. We use GPS and laser techniques combined with state of the art field computers to obtain precise measurements that produce accurate results. We help you understand choices for analyzing the data so you know what your timber volume estimates mean. Here are some products we can help you with:

  • Veneer logs
  • Grade saw-logs
  • Pallet logs
  • Plywood or peeler logs
  • Chip-n-saw
  • Pulpwood
  • Firewood
  • Posts and poles
  • Biomass and fuel-wood




One size fits all is a lie, especially when it comes to timber value estimates. With the best available inventory data in hand, we apply our years of timber market experience with state of the art analytical tools to produce timber value estimates customized to meet your specific needs:

  • Property acquisition due diligence
  • IRS timber basis
  • Casualty loss valuation
  • Timber sale planning and preparation
  • Optimal forest management
  • Timber revenue - cash flow estimates
  • Timber theft
  • Insurance claims
  • Estate planning data

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