Benefits of a Consulting Forester

The services that a consulting forester provide may be a little confusing to most. With so much to consider when deciding what to do with your forestland, things may get a little hazy. Consulting foresters are here to help you with a variety of services to better your understanding of your timberland and the next step to take for progress.

Forestry consultants will be there to help carry out your plans for your forestland; mostly focusing on management planning, forest stand improvement, and timber sales. Within these services you can convey to your forester your plans for the property, from wildlife management, tree planting, timber sales, insect control, and tree marking. A forest management plan will get you started allowing you to visually and descriptively see the ins and outs of your property, outlining a progressive plan to follow through with. Consultants’ experience and educational background will ensure that you are improving the health of your forest today and for many years to come. After a forest management plan has been created, you can then follow through with your sought out plans defined in the FMP.

If you decide to follow through with a timber sale, is it almost crucial to keep your consultant involved! Carrying out a timber sale without the aid of a consulting forester may not be the wisest decision. With the competitive timber market, it is possible your timber could be sold at much lower prices than their true value and your forestland could experience a bad cut job, which will bring you more issues than what you started with. Consulting foresters will send out bids to timber buyers, helping decided where to sell, administer and carry out the entire timber sale process keeping your best interest in mind. If you’re interested in moving forward with your timberland and not sure where to start, contact Blue Ridge Forestry, we offer complementary consulting forestry services, and we are happy to help you today!

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